This is a on-demand webinar around decentralized applications (dApps),combining LimeChain's expertise in building dApps over the last 3 years with Alice's mobile native dApp platform.

Since the emergence of Ethereum and smart contracts, the blockchain space has been buzzing around decentralized applications. Fast forward a few years later, we’re going to touch upon the latest trends in the dApp space, the biggest challenges when building dApps and how we can transition to mobile-native dApps to boost adoption through user experience.


  1. In this webinar, we’ll cover:

    1. 1. What is the current state of decentralized applications

    2. 2. What are the latest trends in the dApp development space

    3. 3. What are the hottest dApps at the moment

    4. 4. What challenges do dApps present – takeaways from 3 years of building

    5. 5. Why is important to bring dApps to mobile

    6. 6. How we can build mobile-native dApps

    7. 7. Q&A

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Mark Pereira

Mark Pereira

Co-founder at Alice

Alice logo

Mark is an engineer and designer with vast experience in building Web3 products over the last few years. In early 2019, Mark co-founded Alice – a platform bringing your favourite dApps to mobile.


Zhivko Todorov

Zhivko Todorov

Business Development at LimeChain

LimeChain logo

Zhivko spent a few years in venture capital, supporting early-stage ventures in the Netherlands and Bulgaria before being taken away by the blockchain community. At LimeChain, Zhivko is part of the business team, supporting new dApps and constantly exploring innovative organisational models like DAOs and Continuous Organizations.