Blockchain consulting and development

We don’t develop blockchain promises, we develop blockchain results.

We’re pioneers in the development and application of blockchain technologies, combining extensive business experience with top notch technical experience in applying blockchain solutions to business’ toughest problems.


Innovating the real estate business through blockchain.

Propy uses blockchain to cut through all of that to create a simple and straightforward process built on the reliability of blockchain. We’ve been deeply involved in creating Propy’s backend technology and user experience.



We helped VAULTITUDE use blockchain technology to add security to the earliest stages of patent applications by proving who initially submitted them. The result is a fairer and more reliable system for protecting the world’s best innovations.


Your R&D Science Assistant

Iris.ai is an international startup aiming to make science belong to everyone, change researchers’ incentives, and improve scientific content, making it more transparent, accountable and widespread in society. Their recent Project Aiur aims at making Science belong to everyone through blockchain technology by collaborating to build a “Knowledge Validation Engine”. 


Rent securely. No commission.
No middleman.

From hotel sites like Booking.com to Airbnb, the hotel and apartment rental market is plagued by middlemen and the inefficiencies they bring. LockTrip is solving that problem by employing the Ethereum blockchain and issuing LOC tokens, which can be used to pay for rentals.


From technical development for Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) to full fledged decentralized applications (dApps). We stay on the cutting edge of each service we offer. Being a part of that change is what fuels us every day.


Private and Public Blockchain Development

We use open shared ledgers like Ethereum to publically store, validate, and certify the information your business needs. Develop contracts which automate their own execution and enforcement.

Smart Contracts Development and Audit

Develop contracts which automate their own execution and enforcement. Done well, they’re more secure than a traditional contract, save you money by eliminating middlemen.

ICO and Crowd Sale Services

Leverage our deep knowledge and experience building out the technical side of ICOs to securely raise the funds your business needs to thrive.

Working with us

At the core of blockchain technology is a system for trust. We take that to heart, devoting ourselves to delivering the same level of consistency, reliability, and transparency that our clients expect from our technology in our work.

DR. Dominik Thor, CEO at VAULTITUDE

The challenge of applying blockchain technology into the complex international patent system has been immense. Central to solving that challenge has been Limechain’s extensive experience in understanding the capabilities of the technology. They’ve been reliable partners through every step of our company’s development and growth.

Jens Harig, Founder & Managing Director ARXUM

Choosing to work with Nick, George, Vladi, and Chris is truly one of the best decisions that we have made! They have done a great job developing the blockchain part of our solution for the manufacturing industry. We would definitely recommend this awesome team to other projects that are striving to make a difference using blockchain!

Some of the companies that have trusted us

About us

Limechain’s experience building blockchain solutions has led us to two core beliefs: that results speak for themselves and that blockchain will be a revolutionary technology in the decades to come. Let us show you what those beliefs can do for you.

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