Wallet Development and Integration

Blockchain wallets are essential Web3 applications that keep users’ private keys and provide the necessary interface that allows people to interact with blockchain networks, track their transactional histories and balances and make transactions. Some form of blockchain wallet support is practically a must for most decentralized applications.

One way to ensure that your dApp has smart wallet support is to integrate an existing solution. But if your project requires a custom solution, you need a dedicated development team to build that solution.

As a Web3 development company with an impeccable reputation and more than five years of experience, LimeChain is perfect for the job. We can help you build a solution tailored to your needs or assist you in integrating an already existing solution. Let’s examine our development process in more detail.

The Wallet Development Process

The wallet development process typically goes through the following stages:


Initial assessment

The first step is extremely important as it gives an idea what the project is, how it will utilize a wallet and if a proprietary solution is needed in that specific case. We hold meetings with the client to gather the necessary information and outline a course of action.


Discovery/Architecture phase

If it’s decided that a proprietary solution is the best option for the project, we enter the Discovery and Architecture phase, where our goal is to build a firm understanding of the solution, to identify what custom features and functionalities will be required and how all that fits within the scope of the broader project, whether it be a gaming dApp, exchange or marketplace, DeFi dApp, etc. We also use this phase to design an optimal solution architecture. This determines important aspects of the solutions, such as the relationship between backend and frontend, wallet generation, transaction execution, data retrieval and storage.

With all that done, we devise a detailed development roadmap, with clear milestones and deliverables that helps us navigate the subsequent development process. This step determines the relationship between the frontend and backend of the wallet, how the wallet is generated, how data is stored and retrieved, and how transactions are performed. The architecture serves as the blueprint for all subsequent steps of development.


Backend and frontend development

Here’s where the bulk of the product finally takes shape. The backend infrastructure handles the interactions between the blockchain and the frontend, as well as the execution of smart contracts. The frontend handles how users interact with the solution.



Before deployment, we conduct rigorous testing to ensure that the wallet performs as intended and there are no bugs and potential exploits.



With all that done, the product is ready to go live.


Third-party wallet integration (optional)

In case your project does not require the development of a proprietary wallet, we can help you with the integration of a suitable third-party solution.

Why work with LimeChain?

LimeChain is one of the leading Web3 developers in the world and we have more than 100 Web3 experts, including frontend and backend software engineers, blockchain architects, business analysts, and Web3 UX and UI designers. Our software engineers are extremely proficient with various tech stacks and tools, including popular programming languages like JavaScript, TypeScript, Solidity, Go, and Node.js, as well as frameworks like Angular, React, and React Native.

Over the past few years, we’ve completed numerous wallet integrations and we’ve helped build custom solutions for several of our clients, including Trezor. We’ve also worked with Ledger, building a software Metadata tool for their hardware wallet, Ledger STAX. 

We can build custodial and non-custodial solutions and develop specialized features to bring further utility to a wallet service. So if you’re in need of top-tier wallet development services for your project do not hesitate to contact us.

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