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Building a Web3 product from the ground up is not an easy task, especially for someone that is maybe just entering the space. The first major hurdle that many encounter is how to harness this wonderful technology to make a useful product or service. You need a killer idea!

But let’s say you already have that. Next, you have to figure out how to turn your idea into reality. And this part can be a real head-scratcher especially if you’re not familiar with blockchain development and what it entails. You need to determine the technical requirements and the scope of the project, devise a development roadmap, and choose the right tools and technologies that you’ll use to build the product. All this and more before you get to write a single line of code. It can be overwhelming. This is why having a knowledgeable and experienced  Web3 technical consultant to guide you through the process can make a real difference.

Being one of the premier Web3 developers in the world, at LimeChain we know what it takes to build a great product in that space and we can help you to turn your high-level idea into something that would support future development. Here’s our process when it comes to Web3 technical consulting.

What is the Web3 Consulting Process with LimeChain

The consulting process typically involves several steps during which your business idea is clarified and possible solutions and approaches are explored. The main steps of the consulting process include:


Initial assessment of the idea

Now, when it comes to technical consulting, we’re typically approached by clients who have already completed their ideation stage. That said, the first thing we do after a client contacts us is to assess the product and its business model and give our feedback to the client. This helps the client decide whether their idea is viable and whether it needs tweaking or some bigger adjustments to be made.


Discovery/architecture phase

This is where our involvement in the project starts in earnest. Here we provide project managers, business analysts and solution architects which participate in discussions with the client and participate in fleshing out the various technical aspects of the project. We use our findings from these discussions to devise a comprehensive ‘project understanding’ document, a solution architecture and a high-level development roadmap. We also hold workshops with our clients where we transfer knowledge and teach them about best industry practices.

Why choose LimeChain

As an industry veteran with over 160 web3 projects under its belt, LimeChain has amassed a wealth of experience and knowledge about the Web3 industry. This puts us in a perfect position to help our clients lay a strong foundation for their project and ensure that the subsequent development process will follow best industry practices and utilize tools and technologies that fit best. 

If you’re in need of a great Web3 technical consultant, drop us a line at [email protected] and tell us more about what you’re currently working on!

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