Blockchain Technical Consulting

Are you considering blockchain technology as a solution to a particular business case? Our Web3 consulting services can help you determine the opportunities and hidden risks when using blockchain to develop a business solution.

blockchain consulting

What Consulting Services Include?

We can consult you about the purpose of blockchain technology and its strategic application in your particular case. Through a series of meetings and workshops, we help you identify your needs, define the value of Web3 in your specific case, and devise a roadmap for further action.

Our blockchain consulting services include:

  1. Technical training about the nature of blockchain
  2. Business workshops that help flesh out a blockchain business case and its value
  3. Project ideation and design sprints that help you arrive at a technical use-case definition or develop an initial blockchain solution idea or prototype
  4. Blockchain smart contracts and architecture design services that lay the foundation for your business solution
  5. Legal advisory

Do you have an idea with the potential to become a blockchain solution? Here’s how you can benefit from blockchain consulting to refine and develop your idea.

Benefits of Blockchain Technical Consulting for Your Business

Receiving feedback about your idea for a blockchain solution or developing it further in cooperation with consultants can help you to quickly determine its business potential. In turn, this can help you make decisions about whether to proceed with development and what the best course of action would be.

Here are some of the main benefits of blockchain consulting:

The Blockchain Consulting Process

The consulting process typically involves several steps during which your business idea is clarified and possible solutions and approaches are explored. The main steps of the consulting process include:


Identifying client needs

The consulting process begins by determining a client’s project, business goals, and needs. The client’s limitations - operational, technical, financial, or otherwise - are also explored during this meeting to provide a frame for the consultation process, and future planning.


Ideation workshops

At the next stage,  we conduct several workshops during which we offer our use-case knowledge to clients in order to highlight business opportunities and outline potential risks. At this stage, the idea is validated at its basic level. This sets the foundation for determining how to approach the solution from a technical standpoint.


Technical use-case definition

After the initial idea validation, we proceed with finding the best technical approach for realizing the solution, as well as the right blockchain and Web3 stack to use. This ensures an optimal base for future development.


Technical architecture creation

The final step in the consulting process may include the creation of a smart contracts and/or blockchain technical architecture. This step also involves a more complete definition of the development project’s scope and future requirements. It further highlights the non-blockchain aspect of the project and any related dependencies. Finally, an initial estimation of the required work for the development of the full solution is made.

Blockchain Consulting by LimeChain

LimeChain has extensive experience with consulting blockchain projects. Over the years we have developed over 100 blockchain projects end-to-end.

Thanks to our large use-case knowledge base we can consult you regarding the best direction to develop your blockchain idea, and the right tools to use for the purpose. Our agile approach to ideation, design, and development allows us to make quick iterations and changes in strategy.

Do you need help with your project idea?

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