About the project
Currently, health-related information is scattered across a myriad of platforms and devices. Because of this, data access and aggregation are not only very costly- they also raise security and trust issues while significantly lowering the quality of therapies. Medical errors, extensive monetary losses, fraud, and corruption are an everyday reality.

Healthbase tackles the above-mentioned problems by implementing a three-step process:
1. The first step is to gather and store all the health-related information immutably and securely.
2. After that, the information is aggregated for the target use cases.
3. Lastly, all network participants are given easy and secure access to the data. As a result, high-quality data can be used to improve healthcare research and therapy outcomes like never before.

Why Blockchain
Leveraging Blockchain technology and contemporary information technology, the Healthbase project is designed to advance medical research and healthcare to the next level. Researchers, care providers, as well as patients are given easy and secure access to high-quality health data. Progress in the field of medicine and better therapies for patients are the results of this.

LimeChain involvement
LimeChain acts as a Blockchain consultation and development partner for this project. We developed the technical part of the whitepaper, created the technical architecture and MVP.

Ethereum, IPFS, IPNS