Vanilla Based Rollups

by George Spasov and Daniel Ivanov

Vanilla Based Sequencing is a design for decentralised sequencing mechanism for rollups led by the L1 proposers. The design is geared towards addressing practical problems of the rollups – addressing low initial participation by sequencers, enabling user experience features on par with centralised sequencing designs and suggesting mission-aligned revenue sources for the various actors. ​

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    The goals

    • Provide equal or better UX than centralized sequencing in preconfirmation time, guarantees, and transaction cost;
    • Enable all participants, including the rollup protocol, to generate revenue;
    • Ensure composability with other rollups without relying on a centralized sequencing layer;
    • Base liveness guarantees on Ethereum L1;
    • Eliminate the need for trust in a single party, ensuring a diverse set of sequencers to prevent censorship;
    • Addresses cold-start problem of original based sequencing through naturally higher incentives for early participants.

    This research is only possible thanks to the research grant support from the Ethereum Foundation.