Bringing Web3 to Fantasy Sports with LeagueDAO

Fantasy sports apps have become increasingly popular in recent years, with millions of passionate fans jumping on the opportunity to show off their knowledge about their favorite sports in friendly competitions against other users. Given this soaring popularity, it’s hardly surprising that fantasy sports have become a very lucrative business and that the sector functions as a well-oiled machine. However, there’s always room for improvement and innovation.

LeagueDAO is an emerging project that seeks to introduce a web3 twist to the well-established formula. The team behind the project believes that blockchain technology is the key to taking fantasy sports to the next level. 

Tokenizing fantasy sports

Utilizing some of the latest innovations in blockchain technology, LeagueDAO has been able to devise a novel approach to fantasy sports. The project embraces tokenization to create a robust NFT-minting mechanism that is used to create virtual athletes and teams. The non-fungible tokens ensure that users own the players that make up their teams. 

LeagueDAO has its own ERC-20 token called $LEAG, which fuels the project’s play-to-earn model, which enables users to create value for themselves by playing the game. Essentially, by playing and performing well in competitions users can earn ERC-20 rewards from a dedicated reward pool, which is fueled thanks to a clever implementation of the DeFi concept.

Nomo Fantasy Football League

LeagueDAO’s first product is focused on American football. The product sees Managers competing in 1-week rounds for a piece of a weekly prize pool. New managers can join the league by staking Nomo tokens, which represent football players.

The Nomo tokens are dynamic ERC-721 non-fungible tokens. The “dynamic” part refers to the fact that the token properties reflect real-world player stats. Those stats are gathered from off-chain sources via an oracle layer.

Limechain’s involvement

Tackling an ambitious project like this requires significant technical expertise and know-how in the web3 field. This is what makes LimeChain, a leading blockchain developer with over 120 projects under our belt, such a great choice for bolstering LeagueDAO’s internal development capabilities. As a core development partner of LeagueDAO, LimeChain has provided a dedicated team that has been involved in various aspects of the project, from writing smart contracts that power the minting mechanism to front-end development. We are also a contributor to the DAO governing the platform.

More to come!

The NOMO Fantasy Football League is just the beginning for LeagueDAO as there are plans to apply the web3 treatment to a broader portfolio of fantasy sports. To that end, you can expect products focused on basketball and hockey in the foreseeable future. Of course, LimeChain remains committed to supporting LeagueDAO as it expands its ecosystem.

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