Аbout the client:
ARXUM aim is to revolutionize the manufacturing industry by interconnecting manufacturers, suppliers, and customers in one network. The blockchain technology allows the data to be transferred effortlessly within the network. It also enables customized manufacturing for the same price as mass production – for the first time in history. Therefore, a completely new marketplace is created, where everyone can participate.

What was the problem:
There are a few problems in the industry that ARXUM wants to solve. Customization of products is what the modern consumer is looking for, however, it usually comes with a high cost. Older hardware and software are usually incompatible and aren’t connected to the internet. Lack of trustless payment is also a big drawback.

What was the solution:
We developed the technical architecture of the solution and researched a variety of technological approaches for the project. We also developed the Smart Contracts through which the ARXUM Connection Box (ACB) is connected directly to an IoT device. The IoT device communicates the machines’ availability, status, and capability. It can receive and accept payments, as well as initiate production. When machines are connected, producers can identify suitable manufacturers automatically.

Technology: Ethereum
Industry: Supply chain, Industry 4.0, IoT
Location: Germany