Healthbase bets on blockchain to usher in a new age of medical research

The healthcare industry is one of the sectors where the use of blockchain technology has shown very promising initial results and this shouldn’t come as a surprise. The universal significance of healthcare and the sensitive nature of the doctor-patient relationship place hefty requirements regarding the sector’s capacity to ensure trust, data protection and privacy, the ethicacy of medical research and more. In this environment, blockchain technology’s potential to power robust solutions for the healthcare sector has not gone unnoticed. Among the projects seeking to unlock that potential is Healthbase.


The problem

The healthcare industry today lacks reliable solutions for storing medical records and other health-related information. On a global scale, the healthcare landscape is largely fragmented, with information scattered across a multitude of platforms, some of which may not be entirely trustworthy. This makes verifying records more difficult, increases the risk of compromising data security and personal privacy and opens the door for regulatory violations and even fraud.

These are the kinds of problems that Healthbase aims to tackle with the help of blockchain. The Germany-based project utilizes the core strengths of the technology, such as its immutability and trustlessness, to power an effective solution that can:

Store health-related information immutably and securely;
Provide aggregated data relevant to specific use cases;
Provide secure access to all network participants.

LimeChain’s involvement

LimeChain came on board during the early stages of the project and played key roles in its development. Our experts consulted Healthbase during the conceptualization and planning stages of the project and developed the technical part of the project’s whitepaper. LimeChain also provided an experienced development team that built the technical architecture for the Healthbase platform, as well as a minimum viable product.


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