DAOstack seeks to harness blockchain technology to power global cooperation

The inception of Bitcoin and the subsequent arrival of Ethereum marked the first two evolutionary milestones for blockchain technology. Since then, there have been a myriad of projects trying to identify the next big step in blockchain’s evolution.

The team behind DAOstack has come up with a pretty compelling answer to this question. They want to use blockchain to create a new way to encourage cooperation and collaboration on a global scale. As shown below, that vision has informed every step of their journey so far.

DAOs unchained

The DAOstack project certainly doesn’t lack ambition. Published in April, 2018, the eponymous white paper describes it “an operating system for collective intelligence and a new form of human association”. That new form, the DAO (decentralized autonomous organization), emerged as one of the many gifts of the Ethereum blockchain protocol and its smart contract capabilities. Many within the blockchain community quickly recognized the potential of DAOs to promote new ways of cooperation. However, there lied the problem. The DAOstack team quickly realized that the blockchain community made for a very niche audience and that the DAO concept came with a very significant barrier to entry for people unfamiliar with DLT and crypto.

Having pinpointed the issue, DAOstack was able to identify an opportunity to make a real difference in the space. Convinced of DAOs’ potential, the team knew that in order for that potential to be realized, the concept needed to be more accessible. DAOs needed to go mainstream.

Means to a common goal

The DAOstack project already offered robust tools for creating and governing decentralized autonomous organizations, but it needed a way to ensure that everyone could use them. The solution was to build a blockchain-enabled mobile app called Common that would leverage the trust and transparency provided by the Ethereum protocol to support large communities, but would spare users from having to deal with the complexities inherent to blockchain, DAOs and crypto.

The team had one more challenge to address. They needed to bring on board extra development muscle, an experienced and capable team that could quickly understand DAOstack’s vision and hit the ground running. А team that’s comfortable with both mobile development and Ethereum. After careful consideration, LimeChain was chosen to provide a much needed team extension.

Having amassed a wealth of experience and a diverse portfolio of clients, LimeChain proved to be the right partner for the project. Our unit was able to quickly integrate itself into the larger DAOstack development team. Maintaining regular communication with DAOstack allowed our colleagues to always be up to speed with the day-to-day operations around the Common project. This level of cooperation was maintained effortlessly throughout the entire nine-month period of active development.

Thanks to the smooth and productive collaboration between the core DAOstack team and LimeChain, the product was delivered in a timely and efficient manner.

The app

The Common app is designed to remove the barrier to entry for newcomers to blockchain and DAOs. People unfamiliar with these concepts and technologies can use the app just as easily as experts in the field.

The app raises the industry bar when it comes to user experience. With the help of the clear and convenient interface, everyone can create a ‘Common’, invite their friends and work together to achieve a common goal. Common makes it easy for large groups of people to collaborate on shared agendas by pooling funds and collectively making decisions. Raising awareness, funding a neighbourhood project, coordinating volunteering work – these are just some of the things that can be accomplished through a Common.

The common good

DAOstack and Common are charting a steady course for the evolution of the DAO space. More importantly, they showcase blockchain’s potential to be a driving force for social good. The DAOstack team has been working on unlocking that potential and introducing new ways for people to work together towards a common goal. It’s a worthwhile pursuit and one that LimeChain is proud to be taking part in.

Technology: Ethereum, React Native
Industry: Blockchain
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

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