AllianceBlock improves DeFi with a one-stop-shop liquidity mining platform

While Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is taking the crypto community by storm, there are still plenty of challenges that need to be addressed for DeFi to become mainstream. For one, despite DeFi’s rising popularity, the vast majority of investors still keep their capital in traditional financial markets and institutions. Another problem stems from the fact that DeFi is still a nascent space that lacks the necessary infrastructure and tools to make it easy for new projects to take off and grow.

Meet AllianceBlock, a blockchain start-up based in The Netherlands that aims to make the DeFi space more accessible to both investors and developers. Co-founded and led by experienced entrepreneurs whose backgrounds also include serving in senior roles at large business organizations such as Barclays, J.P. Morgan and PostNL, the company is perfectly equipped to achieve its lofty goals.

AllianceBlock is building a bridge between traditional and decentralized finance and, at the same time, creating tools to make it easier for blockchain start-ups to launch their own DeFi projects. Being a veteran blockchain developer with an impeccable reputation within the  blockchain community, LimeChain has been chosen as the designated developer agency to help realize AllianceBlock’s vision.


The problem

Thanks to its active involvement in the DeFi space, AllianceBlock has been able to identify the main challenges the sector faces today. In particular, the company has been running its own liquidity mining program since November and has become keenly aware of the issues that need to be addressed when it comes to what is arguably DeFi’s flagship application.

To be able to operate a liquidity mining program effectively, AllianceBlock had to build their own LM product. This is a common approach among DeFi projects, but also a significant roadblock for nascent projects that may not be in a position to be making sizable investments upfront.

One-shop platform for the DeFi space

Having seen great results from its liquidity mining product – with key performance indicators like liquidity, ca. $50 milion total value locked (TVL) and users having significantly improved thanks to the product – AllianceBlock realized that it could use its experience to help elevate the DeFi sector as a whole. The idea of Liquidity Mining as a Service (LMaaS) was born.

The recently launched LMaaS offering allows projects to deploy pools, launch liquidity mining and staking campaigns and have access to powerful analytics tools that will allow them to track key performance indicators. Meanwhile, users get access to a one-shop platform from where they will be able to participate in various liquidity mining and staking campaigns, as well as track and manage their assets. The platform has already welcomed its first clients, providing them with access to its robust features.

Notably, LMaaS serves as a foundation for an even more comprehensive platform that AllianceBlock calls the DeFi Terminal. The platform is set to feature powerful quantitative and risk management tools that will provide access to advanced analytics and will help users assess their risk from leveraged positions across different DeFi protocols. The DeFi Terminal will also feature, among other things, integration with AllianceBlock’s Trustless KYC and Identity Verification products, which will allow projects to be in line with local regulations without having to force users to share their personal data.


LimeChain’s involvement

LimeChain has been supporting AllianceBlock in its efforts to redefine DeFi since the very beginning. With a wide range of successfully completed blockchain projects, LimeChain proved to be the perfect developer agency, capable of realizing various components of AllianceBlock’s comprehensive vision. Our team designed and conducted the token generation event that issued the ALBT token, which is at the heart of the ecosystem that AllianceBlock aims to build around the DeFi terminal. To create the token, we used four types of smart contract, including an ERC-20 contract that we based on the popular OpenZeppelin contracts library, which is heavily audited and state-of-the-art when it comes to implementing the token standard.

Our team also joined forces with AllianceBlock’s team to deliver AB’s liquidity mining product and the subsequent LMaaS platform. Our collaboration with AllianceBlock has so far produced excellent results and we are confident that this will remain the case as we continue to support AllianceBlock’s efforts to redefine DeFi and connect traditional and decentralized finance.

To learn more about the project, visit the AllianceBlock website or join AB’s vibrant community on Telegram.

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