Rising Stars: A Look at Some of the Best New NFTs

Promising new NFTs

The NFT world keeps on growing, with new NFTs entering the scene on a daily basis. We’re already well aware of the best sellers, the CryptoPunks, the Bored Apes and the Axies of the world, But with so many new collections coming to market, there’s the risk of some projects being overlooked. Luckily, many interesting projects have already caught the attention of market observers.

Aiming to shed more light on the NFT market, Yahoo Finance recently polled 500 NFT experts, who rated a number of new NFTs based on a number of factors, including uniqueness, media presence and virality. Well, let’s look at some of the top scorers and their unique traits.


Taking a somewhat of a novel approach to NFT collections, Bitcolors consists of 1,000 handcrafted colors. These new NFTs focus on delivering quality art. All 1,000  items are available on OpenSea and the collection has generated a trading volume of 199 ETH on the platform, as of November 19th (applies to all volume data in the article).


This collection consists of 6969 pixel-art toad characters created by the artist Gremplin, who is well known in the NFT circles. Since its September launch, the project has already generated an impressive volume of 48,400 ETH. The project is in the public domain, meaning that Cryptoadz owners are free to use their pixelated critters as they see fit.

CyberKongz/CyberKongz VX

The CyberKongz project has a 2D and a 3D component. The 2D part, CyberKongz, started out as a collection of 1,000 unique 34×34 NFTs, but has grown since its drop in March, with the pixelated images having become increasingly popular among users due to their suitability as Discord profile pictures. There are currently 4,400 items available on OpenSea.

Meanwhile, CyberKongz VX consists of 14,200 unique and randomly generated voxel-based avatars for the ever-growing Metaverse. The team behind the collection is working on adding interoperability with The Sandbox – a Metaverse platform similar to Decentraland.

Both collections have been quite popular on OpenSea – CyberKongz have generated a trading volume of 34,100 ETH, while their VX counterparts have seen sales of 17,900 ETH.

Habbo Avatars

The allure of The Metaverse is already being recognized by some major players in the traditional gaming space. Founded in 2000 by Finnish company Solake, Habbo has established itself as a leading online virtual world long before Satoshi Nakamoto published its seminal whitepaper about Bitcoin. Recently, the platform launched its first NFT collection, showing that even established players in the gaming space are tempted by the fruits of the blockchain revolution. The collection, called Habbo Avatars, consists of 11,600 automatically generated, pixelated avatars that are manually curated by the Habbo art team. The collection has been out for just over a month and has generated 6,000 ETH in that period on OpenSea.  

Notably, each Habbo Avatar enables its owner to mint one Habbo Portrait. Currently, there are 876 Habbo Portraits listed on OpenSea that have generated a rather modest trading volume of 0.73 ETH. Habbo plans allow portrait minting until the end of this month, but a deadline extension is also on the cards.

Sneaky Vampire Syndicate

According to the collection’s official website, Sneaky Vampire Syndicate consists of 8,888 unique vampires “living eternally on the blockchain”.  The SVS team plans to add more features in the future, such as Generation 2 vampires and breeding.

One of the most interesting aspects of the SVS project is that it allows owners to stake their NFTs to earn staking rewards in the form of the BLOOD utility token. The token’s primary function will be to fuel the breeding process.

The Sneaky Vampires have so far generated a total trading volume of 18,800 ETH on OpenSea.