LimeChain launches in effort to bolster rollup adoption

LimeChain is launching

Ethereum’s rollup centric roadmap is no secret and over the past year or so, we’ve been witnessing a cambrian explosion of rollups. This is well justified, as rollups and L2 networks offer an elegant solution to Ethereum’s scalability issues, with no changes to the main Ethereum protocol necessary.With that, demand for robust tools supporting development on rollups also increases.

At LimeChain, we are firm believers that only by empowering developers to build and innovate on rollups, we can help make a positive impact through blockchain technology. That’s why, we are thrilled to announce the launch of, an open-source developer resource aimed at providing Web3 developers with thorough technical information detailing the various differences between some of the most prominent rollup solutions. This includes detailed information about gas costs, custom precompiles, native precompile support, system contracts, messaging protocols, EVM equivalence and more. Presently, covers four major rollups- Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon zkEVM and zkSync Era – and we’re planning to add more rollup solutions in the future.

The idea for came as a result of the work done over the past few months at our R&D division. Centered around rollups, these R&D efforts allowed us to gain a valuable insight into the technology and the budding ecosystem taking shape around it. With that deeper understanding came the realization that the community needs a place where developer information about rollups is readily available. Knowledge, after all, is a public good, and with we’re making rollup-related knowledge much more accessible.

“In particular, our work on the cross-rollup communication protocol Wisp allowed us to deep dive into rollups and face the challenges that come with them, such as the subtle differences between the Ethereum mainnet and each rollup.,” Zhivko Todorov, R&D lead at LimeChain said. “This puts us in the perfect position to share our experience through a public good developer resource that contributes to the growth of the rollup ecosystem. It’s an opportunity we cherish and with we take our first steps in that direction.”