LimeChain launches a new venture – LimeAcademy


We are thrilled to announce the launch of our blockchain training program – LimeAcademy.

More about LimeAcademy

We are launching a blockchain program for experienced software developers that want to upskill their knowledge and transition into the blockchain world. We see that the blockchain world is growing every day, and there are more and more exciting opportunities on the horizon to develop and work on innovative projects. Therefore the need for blockchain developers is rapidly growing. And being part of the blockchain community, we wanted to support it by creating a space where we significantly improve how experts are built and trained.

Season 1

We are happy to see the support for the academy from both developers and our partners in the blockchain industry. The first season of LimeAcademy starts on November 1st, and it’s eight weeks long. To ensure our students’ quality of education, we’ve decided to set limited seats in the program. That way, the students have more quality experience with their assigned mentor. We also believe that peer-to-peer learning is beneficial. That’s why we’ve created a discord channel where our students can connect and share their passion for blockchain development. And to bring even more value, we’ve created weekly AMA (ask-me-anything) sessions with blockchain pioneers.  We believe that these sessions are essential because our students can ask their burning questions and hear great stories from people who were once in their spot but now are very successful in their job. Our list of speakers includes blockchain pioneers like Matt Cutler (BlockNative) and Santiago Palladinо (OpenZeppelin). 

The Curriculum

Our curriculum covers the foundation required to master the in-demand skills and help the developers transition to blockchain development.

The course is open for applicants worldwide, so we’ve decided to make the program as flexible as possible. Thus it is self-paced according to your convenience. From day one, our student will get access to the entire training content to go through in a time of your choosing.

We’ve also prepared practical projects. Every person will be assigned one and will build in throughout the training season and will have the support of a personal mentor. Part of the tasks includes building: an NFT exchange, a rollup for high-speed transactions, and Layer 2 DAO.

Application process

Who is a good fit for LimeAcademy? The program is suitable for software developers and engineers with a minimum of 1 to 2 years of programming experience regardless of the technology stack they work with at the moment. LimeAcademy application process consists of two stages. The first stage is to apply on our website and share more about your knowledge and programming experience. We access the candidates, and we send entry tasks to the best candidates. The people who perform the best on the entry task get invited to join the program.

After successful graduation from the course, people who want to change their professional paths can get career opportunities with our partners.

For more information on the application process and program modules please visit