LimeChain Joins the Exclusive Hyperledger Certified Service Providers Club


What a spectacular end of the year – LimeChain became a Hyperledger Fabric Certified Partner (HCSP). That’s an exclusive list which only 7 other companies are a part of, with IBM and Accenture among the most notable.

LimeChain becomes a Hyperledger Fabric Certified Partner (HCSP)

Earlier in 2019 LimeChain joined Hyperledger and the Linux Foundation (another huge milestone for us) planning to work closely with the community and actively contribute to its needs, starting with developing modules for integrating ERP systems.

As a pioneer and active member of the blockchain community, we are more than thrilled to partner with Hyperledger in the development of enterprise blockchain solutions and be their trusted partner. The past couple of years have been incremental for the business to develop PoCs, get a grasp around what blockchain will bring to the table and how they could benefit. This year we will witness corporations investing in real adoption – PoCs and MVPs will grow to production environments and live projects with real transactions. Hyperledger is the perfect enterprise-level blockchain platform for that.

No doubt 2019 was a good year! Entering the new decade LimeChain has even greater goals – to increase the blockchain adoption into every-day business and use our know-how and build industry-specific solutions for supply chain and logistics, finance, and healthcare.

About Hyperledger

Hyperledger Certified Service Provider (HCSP) program is a pre-qualified tier of vetted service providers who have deep experience helping enterprises successfully adopt Hyperledger. The HCSP partners offer Hyperledger support, consulting, professional services and training for organisations embarking on their Hyperledger journey.

Our comment

“Joining Linux Foundation & Hyperledger is a strategic step for LimeChain. As pioneers in blockchain and DLT, we are a trusted partner to many blockchain native companies and startups. We have worked on more than 50 projects in different industries & segments. We have accumulated a lot of know-how and experience that we would like to transfer and help the enterprises and businesses be better prepared for the reality of tomorrow. Joining the Hyperledger community will make it possible to share our knowledge and collaborate together with other leaders in the Blockchain space, so we progress the enterprise adoption of Blockchain & DLT technologies for better business solutions.t “ Nick Todorov, CEO, and co-founder

“We have always recognized Hyperledger as a strategic technology for Limechain. We’ve already taken the necessary steps to make it part of our core and we are actively working to make a strong portfolio of use-cases developed via the Hyperledger projects. This is an exciting opportunity for us to start contributing some external systems integration modules and position LimeChain as a leader in that too.“ George Spasov, Chief architect and co-founder at LimeChain.

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