LimeChain joins Substrate Delivery Partners


LimeChain is proud to announce that it has been selected to become a member of the Substrate Delivery Partners program.

Launched in March, 2020, Substrate Delivery Partners is aimed at skilled blockchain development outfits with expertise to deliver advanced blockchain solutions based on Parity’s Substrate blockchain framework. The goal is to enable external teams to provide Substrate development services.

LimeChain has already been recognized as one of the major contributors to the Substrate ecosystem and Polkadot. Our team is developing Subsembly – an AssemblyScript runtime framework for the Polkadot community supported by Web3 Foundation grants. The project started last year as a proof of concept and is now evolving into a full-fledged framework for Substrate Runtime development. The goal of the project is to enable a wider community of developers to build runtimes in a language similar to TypeScript, which most blockchain developers are comfortable with.

Having shown a strong ability to deliver innovative projects on Substrate, earlier this year, LimeChain was selected to become a member of the Substrate Builder’s Program. 

The new membership in Substrate Delivery Partners will allow us to be even more impactful in contributing to Substrate and Polkadot. As a member of the program, LimeChain will be provided with training and technical assistance, which will help us to continue to build robust Substrate solutions.