Introducing the New Era of business enabled Blockchain applications


Accepting fiat payments with your dapp is hard. We make it dead easy with LimePay.

Pushing and expanding the boundaries of Blockchain has always been our north star here at LimeChain.

From building products and providing services that help the community, to enabling businesses to improve the way they operate – this has always been our goal. That’s the exact reason why we’ve built and continue to further develop Etherlime with the support of ETH Prize and Ethereum Community Fund.

Next to this is organizing monthly meet-ups to help educate and create awareness amongst developers, speaking at conferences, and always being an active part of the Blockchain family. We’re witnessing that a lot has been done for the development community and how the drive and motivation of a small, compact group can create a ripple effect that echoes through the whole tech space.

Now we think is the time to do the same thing for the business side of things.

We have discussed many times that the main challenge we now face is not so much on the technical aspect, but rather on the adoption of the technology. That is why in the last several months we’ve been working below the radar on a new solution that tackles two of the biggest challenges of Blockchain – adoption, and usability.

We are excited to introduce to you LimePay – a payment solution that enables Blockchain applications (dapps) to accept a traditional payment means like credit and debit cards.

What is LimePay and how it works?

Introducing the New Era of business enabled Blockchain applications

For an easier explanation and better illustration let’s pretend that we have an online store selling kick-ass t-shirts that use Blockchain for enhanced traceability, transparency and works with a native token.

In this particular case, George would like to buy a t-shirt. George is a non-Blockchain user and has limited knowledge on how dApps, wallets, buying/selling tokens work.

On the left side in grey are outlined the steps George has to make in order to get his hand on the t-shirt he likes. The total process of getting KYC, through buying tokens, researching wallets and learning how to make transactions could take from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. Not exactly customer-friendly experience especially when he can do the same in another online store that is selling a similar t-shirt.

On the rights side in blue, you can see how the process looks like for the user when the online store has integrated LimePay. It’s the good old feeling of buying stuff online with no added complexity, no learning curve, and no waiting.

Introducing the New Era of business enabled Blockchain applications

Why integrate LimePay?

LimePay is a powerful business enabling solution that allows you to increase your business opportunity by accepting traditional payment means like credit and debit cards.

Currently, dApps are limited to the crypto savvy users that account for a really small fraction of the total market that can be addressed. LimePay helps you overcome that challenge offer your products and services to a wider audience. It’s like having normal e-commerce, app or platform but with the added value of the Blockchain layer.

Is LimePay live and operational?

Yes. LimePay is live and fully operational. Our first clients are already up and running and we now onboarding more companies as part of our soft-launch.

Supported by MakerDAO

Introducing the New Era of business enabled Blockchain applications

We are really excited to announce that MakerDAO – the creators of DAI stablecoin – have decided to support LimePay via its investment arm. Partnering with such a household name in the Blockchain space further enforces the quality of the product and service we provide with LimePay. It’s humbling being able to work side by side with such amazing people and minds!

I want to learn more and implement LimePay

To learn more and implement LimePay you have to just get in touch with us. You can do it on the following address: hi (at) Or do it through the form on our website

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