Live blockchain events are back and we’re excited to participate


After a year of setbacks and cancellations in the blockchain events space (and other types of live events for that matter), we’re thrilled to welcome April – a rather busy month with an upcoming hackathon that we’re excited to participate in! This month will be full of opportunities for blockchain enthusiasts and developers to meet like-minded people, share experiences, and contribute to new projects driving innovation. We can’t wait to meet new and old faces and exchange know-how and ideas.


Non-Fungible Conference 

The first event that we’re happy to take part in is the Non-Fungible Conference or the European NFT event. It starts today, April 4th, and is a two-day event held in Lisbon. Packed with carefully selected talks, panels, and workshops, the Non-Fungible Conference gathers a rich pool of artists, platforms, collectors, projects and investors from the NFT community around the world. With more than 2,500 expected attendees, more than 100 talks and panels, and 4 content tracks, it’s certainly not something that we would miss! 

Some of the topics that the event will cover include pay-to-earn games, E-sports, gaming business models, OG stories and the future of crypto art, the future of collectables, the latest Metaverse projects and more.


Devconnect is perhaps one of the most exciting events of the year, taking place on April 18-25 in Amsterdam. It’s a collaborative Ethereum week, during which a set of independent Ethereum events will take place. The week-long, in-person gathering invites people from the Ethereum community to join and discuss specific subjects related to the progress of Ethereum. Experts in different fields will present their projects and ideas, while enthusiasts and guests will have access to a collaboration space inspiring communication and discussion. 

The aim of the event is to inspire deep discussions targeted at improving Ethereum and encourage participants to take part in different workshops and gatherings to contribute to this progress. 


The ETHAmsterdam hackathon gathers developers, users, artists, hobbyists, creators, and market makers excited about Ethereum for a three-day inspirational event, taking place on April 22-24 in Amsterdam. The event is back and determined to drive change for a wide range of industries by supporting collaboration amongst the Ethereum community. The event will be host to more than 800 engineers, designers and creators that will spend a weekend building and learning. Experts, mentors, sponsors and developer advocates will offer support to anyone looking to create something new and exciting. 

Perhaps we’ll see you there!