ZK Tech Development

Zero-Knowledge Proofs or ZKPs, for short – are an exciting emerging technology that is taking the Web3 world by storm, and for good reason. These powerful cryptographic instruments are already enabling a slew of new and innovative applications. Their incredible properties make them perfect for building robust solutions that can be game changers for blockchain scalability, privacy, and regulatory compliance

ZKP implementation is a complex task that requires developers with top-tier Web3 and cryptography expertise. We can confidently say that LimeChain is one such developer. We have significant experience in working with various tools for zk-proof computation and verification. But before we take a closer look at our ZK tech development process, let’s see why you might need ZK-proofs in the first place.

The benefits of ZK-proofs

ZK-proofs are cryptographic instruments that allow one party to prove to another party that certain information is true, without having to reveal anything of the information itself.  This incredible power of ZK-proofs can be used to both bolster some of the core strengths of blockchain technology and solve some of its biggest problems. Here are some of the significant benefits ZKPs bring to the table.

The LimeChain Process

When it comes to ZK tech, LimeChain has a multi-stage process that is carefully tuned to allow for efficient development and quick delivery. Let’s take a closer look.


Initial assessment

The importance of this stage should not be overlooked! As is the case with any technology, ZK-proofs have their uses and situations where they shine, but they are not a solution for every problem. With that in mind, our first step is to assess the project and determine whether ZK (whether it be for the computational integrity or privacy properties) are a viable solution for that case or a different approach should be pursued. This stage can also include a series of consultations, with optional workshops, aimed at familiarizing the client with the technology, its strengths and its limitations.


Discovery phase

Next is the discovery phase. This is when we form a firm understanding of the operational parameters of the project - its scope, scale and budget, the list of features and functionalities that need to be delivered. Our findings and conclusions allow us to create a detailed roadmap, with milestones and deadlines set to drive the subsequent development process.


Architecture phase

Another crucial early phase, the architecture phase is where we determine how the various technical elements of the system will work together, how ZKP will be implemented within that system and in what capacity, and so on. This process is led by a blockchain architect. At LimeChain, we excel at building ZKP systems and a key reason for that is our ability to design effective and efficient blockchain architectures.


ZK proof implementation

Next, we proceed with implementation of ZK proofs into the solution. Although the technology is new, there are already established stacks/tools used by developers. LimeChain has experience with building both SNARK and STARKs as well as working with tools such as Circom, SnarkJS, Rapidsnark, PIL, pil-stark and Halo2.


Smart contract development

Smart contracts are an integral part of most Web3 applications and ZK-based systems are no exception. LimeChan is one of the leading Web3 companies when it comes to smart contracts and we can help you with that part of Web3 development, as well. You can learn more about our smart contract expertise here.



To ensure that the product performs as expected, we conduct extensive tests locally and we work with external parties who audit our smart contracts, as per best practices. We follow that with a launch on testnet, whose aim is to test the performance of the product in a simulated live environment.


Launch on mainnet and post-launch support

Finally, we support our client during the product launch and, if agreed upon, we continue to support the product post-launch.

Why LimeChain?

Being one of the leading Web3 developers in the world, LimeChain always has a finger on the pulse of the industry. Our team has already built considerable expertise in ZK tech development and, with a staff of 100+ Web3 experts, we have the resources to handle even the most complex of projects. This combination of knowledge, expertise and developer bandwidth is especially rare when it comes to the still nascent field of ZK proofs. So if you are looking for a capable technical partner to help you reap the benefits of this exciting technology, you’ve come to the right place.

Working on the next big thing?

You have the great vision we got the skills to bring it to life. Let’s build something great!





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    Working on the next big thing?

    You have the great vision we got the skills to bring it to life. Let’s build something great!