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Decentralized autonomous organizations, or DAOs for short, are among the standout applications of blockchain technology and perfectly encapsulate the Web3 spirit and philosophy. DAOs are the perfect vehicle for collaboration in the Web3 world as they provide an easy way for like-minded people to unite around common causes and work together to achieve a shared goal. Moreover, this is achieved in a completely decentralized manner thanks to blockchain and smart contracts, which ensure that every member of a DAO can participate in the governing process by voting on key decisions.

DAOs have many applications, with decentralized governance mechanisms enabling a new wave of investment pools, charity organizations and other types of collectives. Regardless of the cause or the business model you pursue, the DAO-based approach can be a viable option for your organization. So, how do you build one?

Well, here’s how we, at LimeChain, do it.

How are DAOs created?

The development of DAOs goes through several stages to ensure it complies with the project’s requirements. These stages include:


Initial assessment

The first step of the development process involves conducting an initial assessment of the business case and the scope of the project. At this stage, we also analyze the governance model of the prospective DAO and make recommendations according to best industry practices. By doing so we help the client to flesh out their vision about the product and ensure that it’s in line with the Web3 nature of decentralized autonomous organizations. Furthermore, we carefully examine the business model of the project which helps us to identify the other core elements of the project. All this informs the subsequent development process.


Technical analysis

Next is the analysis of the technical case of the project. At this stage, our goal is to determine the elements that need to be developed as part of the project. These include various smart contracts like vesting and staking contracts, a governance token, multisignature wallet (multisig) and others. We identify what approach the project would have - a DAO-first or DAO-second.


Architecture design

Next, we design the architecture of the project. DAOs typically rely on complex architectures that unite various components - the aforementioned smart contracts, multisig, governance model, etc - in a system that has to function as a well-oiled machine. Designing the optimal architecture for a DAO requires significant experience, know-how and technical expertise . At LimeChain, we have experienced blockchain architects that are capable of handling even the most challenging of DAO projects.


Smart contract and wallet development and/or integration

During the next phase we begin proper development with the writing of the necessary smart contracts and creating the multisig. These components are core to the development of any DAO-related projects, whether they be DAO-first or DAO-second.


Smart contract audit and testing

Next, we perform smart contract audit and testing to ensure that everything works as intended and there are no security vulnerabilities in the code.


Launch on mainnet

With audit and testing finalized, we proceed with mainnet launch and the DAO becomes operational.


Post-launch development and support

Of course, the launch doesn’t mean that our work is done. On the contrary, every DAO-related project typically post-launch support, maintenance and development. This is especially true for the DAO-second projects, as most of their DAO-specific features and functionalities are developed post launch.

Why work with LimeChain?

LimeChain is one of the premier Web3 developers in the world, LimeChain has the expertise and the resources to help our clients during every stage of  DAO development. Our consultants and business analysts can perform thorough assessment of the project and help the client arrive at an optimal vision for the DAO. Then our blockchain architects and developers can design the perfect architecture to fit that vision and bring the DAO to life. Finally, we’ll be there to help you maintain and expand the project post launch.

So if you’re looking to set up a DAO for your Web3 project, you’ve come to the right place. We can help you launch your decentralized autonomous organization and make sure that your project is 100% Web3-ready.

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