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By analyzing your industry vertical and your specific business needs we can determine the best way to introduce blockchain and Web3 into your operations or services. Based on this analysis, we also determine the correct technical approach to the development and future deployment of your product.

What Do Blockchain Product Development Services Include?

Blockchain end-to-end product development is the process of developing blockchain products from start to finish. This process involves a blockchain consulting and ideation phase, detailed plan and project development. Clients typically use this approach to develop multifunctional and complex solutions like decentralized applications (dApp), enterprise solutions, investment and exchange platforms, a private blockchain or a public blockchain, and others.

Blockchain solutions are developed within a number of industries, including finance, insurance, supply chain management, government, payment solutions, asset management, and more.

Thanks to our agile approach at LimeChain, the development of your dApp or blockchain-powered platform can happen quickly with iterations being implemented as the process unfolds.

Are you looking for a technical partner to handle the end-to-end development of your dApp or blockchain-powered platform? Here are some of the benefits for your business!

How you will benefit from the End-to-End Product Development service of LimeChain

End-to-end product development with LimeChain, whether of a dApp or blockchain platforms, offers you several distinct benefits. These include:

What is the process when developing a product from end-to-end?

The complete development of a Web3 product passes through several stages. Each stage is necessary to create a product that meets the client requirements. When developing a product end-to-end we usually pass through the following stages:


Business analysis & requirements specification

The development process begins with an analysis of the business case of the client and a specification of the project’s requirements. The end result of this step is the definition of the scope of work for the development of a minimum viable product (MVP) version of the solution.


Technical architecture documentation

After analyzing the case and defining the MVP’s scope, we can proceed with producing the technical architecture documentation. This documentation will serve as the roadmap for the development of the project as well as to familiarize the audience with the project’s scope, goals, and to generate interest.


UI/UX design

We then turn to the design of the UI and UX aspects of the product. These designs can be used to present the product to investors and users and to gather feedback. At this stage, the interface and look of the product begin to take shape, even though its technical aspect is yet to be developed.


Smart contract development

With the completion of the designs, development can turn toward the smart contracts that will be used to execute the interactions and dependencies in the product. These contracts are extensively tested before being implemented to ensure that they do not contain bugs, loopholes or other exploits.


Frontend and backend development

Prior to its production release, the dApp or blockchain platform must have its client-side applications and server-side parts developed. Once these are done and linked to the rest of the product, the development process is nearly complete.


Infrastructure setup and maintenance

Finally, we set up the product’s infrastructure and do a production release which makes it available to users. We continue to provide maintenance and support post launch, helping resolve any issues or adding new product features as needed.

End-to-End Product Development by LimeChain

LimeChain has been developing end-to-end blockchain solutions since 2017. We pride ourselves with being a one-stop-shop for everything blockchain and dApp project-related.

We have an excellent track record in bringing projects from idea to complete realization and have built top-level expertise in Web3 over the years. Thanks to our agile approach, we can quickly introduce changes to your project and adjust its direction.

All of this makes us confident we can be of help to you in clarifying and developing your project idea, and provide you with technical and non-technical support throughout.

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