We live and breathe Blockchain & DLT

Here at LimeChain, we constantly keep an eye on the cutting edge of innovation, while developing real-world decentralized applications. And that’s exactly what makes us successful.

We are impactful

We focus on results.
We take actionable decisions and decisive actions.
We strive to do work that makes a change.
We deliver the consistently strong performance our colleagues and partners can rely on.

We are team players

We leave no person behind. We help our teammates any way we can.
We realize team success is predicated on individual members’ success.
We carefully plan the journey to our common goal, together.
We work towards reaching that goal together.

We are curious innovators

We can’t resist exploring how stuff works. Then we find ways to improve it.
We are not afraid of making the occasional mistake. That’s where expertise comes from.
We boldly share our ideas, including the crazy/dumb ones.
We are not afraid to venture beyond our comfort zone.

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Hours of Blockchain & DLT consulting delivered

Founders team

The managing part of our team - just a small part of the faces behind LimeChain.
Nick Todorov
Chris Veselinov
George Spasov

Blockchain architect

Vladislav Ivanov

Head of development


At LimeChain we are always looking to add talent to our family. We would love to have you onboard!