Tokenizing Real Estate

Join us on this knowledge sharing session where we'll give you insights on what we've learned while developing several platforms for investment and tokenizing assets in real estate.

This won’t be the typical webinar to share general information that you can easily find on the internet. During this session we will share what we’ve learned while working on real life projects and will list few proven providers to work with. 


Today’s real estate industry faces challenges like long transaction times, less efficient price discovery mechanisms, high costs of properties, high fraud likelihood especially in land purchases, and others. Tokenization of illiquid assets has the potential to simplify the complex and expensive investment procedure, increase capital, enable greater liquidity, immutable tracking, and streamline transactions.

Join our webinar to discuss opportunities that tokenization could bring to your business and best practices from our experience with real customers.

About the webinar:

  1. 1. What are the real business benefits of tokenizing real estate properties from a client perspective?

    2. How to approach the project? What steps we advise you to follow in order not to face any bottlenecks along the way.

    3. What to have in mind when starting? We’ll list few things you should pay special attention to, like finding the right provider for KYC/AML, payments and investments, development. Will share concrete providers we’ve tested.

    4. Which ERC token standard to choose?

    5. Choosing safe and secure storage for your and investor’s tokens.

    6. Q&A


Time and date: coming soon.


LimeChain founders image

Chris Veselinov

CTO and co-founder at LimeChain

Working on blockchain technology since its early days, Chris Veselinov has built enterprise systems and blockchain applications for both corporates and startups. This breadth of experience gives him unique insights into applying the right blockchain solutions for clients.