On-demand webinar

How to build dapps that hide the blockchain
away - Smart Wallets

Watch this on-demand webinar where LimeChain & Abridged share knowledge on both the theory and the practical side of smart wallets - the most potent tool to hide the blockchain and be sexy to web2 users.Т

In the past year, more and more clients have asked us to make their dApps appealing to Web2 users and hide the blockchain under the hood. In this knowledge sharing session LimeChain and Abridged share experience, knowledge and work on smart wallets – the most potent way to hide the blockchain away. In the recording you will be able to experience smart wallets yourselves and will be given playground to further experiment with it.

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About the webinar:

  1. 1What are smart wallets and what are they good for?

    2. Abstracting ETH costs away

    3. Performing multiple actions at once

    4. Account recovery is possible!

    5. Practice: Playing around with smart wallets in the smart wallets playground

    6. Q&A


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James Young

Co-founder of Abridged

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James Young is a co-founder of Abridged and helped launch MolochDAO and MetaCartelDAO. He has been fortunate enough to ride multiple paradigm shifts and come out on top and has experience growing web-based companies since the early 2000s. He’s an avid member of a number of promising DAOs and has helped pave the way for an exciting year of product growth through the launch of the Abridged SDK — a solution to help make crypto on-boarding as easy as possible. 



George Spasov

George Spasov

Chief Architect and co-founder of LimeChain

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Heading the technical team and innovation adoption at LimeChain, George has also experience leading teams to deliver successful software projects for everyone from startups like pCloud to international companies like IBM. During the past 2 years, he has consulted and designed the architecture of 30+ blockchain and DLT projects, while also remaining an active member of the public communities. He is now focused on transforming businesses and corporate processes using innovative solutions on Blockchain and DLT.