Leisure, Travel & Tourism

About the project
15toGO is the first decentralized application for group traveling where a user can match with new people to go on organized trips with. It is a social platform that offers the opportunity to meet friends and like-minded people to travel with on already organized trips where the more people come, the less you pay. Local Tour Operators can offer trips directly on the decentralized Marketplace, cutting out the middleman. This enables better margins for the Local Tour Operators and lower prices for the end customers.

Why Blockchain
15toGO is an open and transparent decentralized platform and its governance model is designed to facilitate group decision-making. The Blockchain is ideal for setting up organizational rules and recording information in a way that can be later verified. By using Smart Contracts, they create logical scripts that are executed on the Blockchain itself (platform rules, processes, and rights, mechanisms for approving new member agencies, rating systems, etc.). Their governance methods consist of best practices, Code of Conduct, different incentives for benevolent arbiters on the platform and establishing a mechanism for coordination between them.

LimeChain involvement
LimeChain has a role of both Blockchain consultant and development partner in this project. We developed the  Blockchain architecture behind the project and are currently working on further development of the platform.