Intellectual Property – The Future of IP Protection

About the project

Vaultitude is a platform that addresses the needs of intellectual property (IP) professionals, technology transfer managers, artists, scientists, and inventors by establishing documented ownership of intellectual property.

Why Blockchain

The major benefit of using Blockchain for intellectual property is that it allows you to prove that you had some idea prior to anyone else. By using Blockchain technology, Vaultitude complements traditional IP strategies by offering proof of authorship via secure digital publication on the Blockchain. This way, the process is fast, easy, low-cost and safe. With its immutable ledger, the Blockchain acts as a means to prove your rights and this way allows you to document the creation of IP, who has been given access to it, who bought it, etc.

LimeChain Involvement 

LimeChain created the whole Blockchain architecture, developed the ICO and prototype. We are also working towards further development of the solution by collaborating closely with Vaultitude to make sure that all of their requirements are met. 


Ethereum, IPFS