Human Resources

About the project
Mycro is a platform for providers of short-term (mycro) jobs and jobbers, helping them find each other. It uses a special sorting function to match the right offer with the right worker. It also has a rating system for each user. After a job is completed, both job providers and jobbers receive a personal QR code. If the job provider scans the jobber’s QR code, the start of the job is marked. All this is done in a quick and secure way.

Why Blockchain
Fast and simple use – by using intelligent and self-learning algorithms, the right job is matched with the right jobber very fast

Trust – The decentralized rating system and decentralized user verification are implemented by Smart Contracts on the Blockchain. After evaluating each other, the ratings are decentrally linked to the relevant user‘s wallet address.

Security – The money is held by a decentralized escrow Smart Contract while the job is performed. Neither the job provider nor the jobber has access. The escrow contract will take care of the jobber’s remuneration only if the job was successful.

Low fees – by eliminating the intermediary, the fees of up to 30% charged by middlemen no longer have to be paid. Users merely pay 2% for the use of the Mycro dApp.

LimeChain involvement
LimeChain acted as both Blockchain development and consulting partner. Our team developed and implemented the Smart Contracts behind the decentralized rating system and payment process. We also developed the technical aspect of the project’s ICO.