Supply Chain, Industry 4.0, IoT

About the project

Driven by Industry 4.0, ARXUM develops a worldwide production network for the Supply Chain. ARXUM is able to connect customers directly to production machines through carefully enabled Smart Contracts. Manufacturers connected by ARXUM’s protocol benefit from robust and secure connectivity, worldwide accessibility, and standardized production order protocol with rich data exchange. The solution reduces the costs for order processing between assembling, manufacturing, transportation, prosumers and investors.

Why Blockchain

Based on Blockchain technology, ARXUM’s decentralized production network outperforms today’s infrastructure by driving down costs, increasing processing speeds and delivering end-to-end visibility into production fees, timing, and delivery.

LimeChain involvement

LimeChain acts as a Blockchain consultation and development partner for this project. We developed the technical architecture of the solution and researched a variety of technological approaches for the project. We also developed the Smart Contracts through which the ARXUM Connection Box (ACB) is connected directly to an IoT device. The IoT device communicates the machines’ availability, status and capability. It can receive and accept payments, as well as initiate production. When machines are connected, the producers can identify suitable manufacturers automatically.


At the initiation of the project, LimeChain performed detailed research and comparison between different Blockchains including Ethereum, Aeternity, Stellar, Cardano, NEO, EOS, IOTA. All the transactions are based on Ethereum, while the record of orders is based on EOS. We used IOTA for the connection to the IoT device.