dApps development

Current web applications run on servers, meaning they inherently rely on middlemen to run those servers and monitor the data which passes between them. This means that applications must to some extent rely on governments and ISPs. Decentralized applications, commonly known as dApp, run on decentralized code which is stored on a blockchain. They have several distinct advantages:

  • Transperancy

    The addition of blockchain’s security and a lack of reliance on any central servers makes dApps more reliable than traditional web applications. They create openness, transparency, and eliminate the need for middlemen when it comes to connecting to your customers.

  • Privacy

    The use of a blockchain also eliminates the need for users to create accounts. The dApp recognizes users using blockchain validated cryptography. This facilitates greater privacy and ease of use.

These applications can be used for money management, smart contracts, voting and other decision making, and much more.
We offer full stack development of dApps as well as consulting.


Innovating the real estate business through blockchain.

Propy uses blockchain to cut through all of that to create a simple and straightforward process built on the reliability of blockchain. We’ve been deeply involved in creating Propy’s backend technology and user experience.



We helped VAULTITUDE use blockchain technology to add security to the earliest stages of patent applications by proving who initially submitted them. The result is a fairer and more reliable system for protecting the world’s best innovations.


Your R&D Science Assistant

Iris.ai is an international startup aiming to make science belong to everyone, change researchers’ incentives, and improve scientific content, making it more transparent, accountable and widespread in society. Their recent Project Aiur aims at making Science belong to everyone through blockchain technology by collaborating to build a “Knowledge Validation Engine”. 


Rent securely. No commission.
No middleman.

From hotel sites like Booking.com to Airbnb, the hotel and apartment rental market is plagued by middlemen and the inefficiencies they bring. LockTrip is solving that problem by employing the Ethereum blockchain and issuing LOC tokens, which can be used to pay for rentals.



Even if you’re looking to develop in-house, external consultation can be key to successfully building understanding between technical and non-technical teams. So whether you’re looking for guidance on a strategic direction for a blockchain project.