About the project
IRIS is a digital healthcare ecosystem, built using Blockchain technology. Existing electronic healthcare records do not allow patient data to be shared between healthcare providers – resulting in siloed patient records and compromised quality of care. The Iris Electronic Healthcare Record (or “Iris EHR”) stores data on the Blockchain, facilitating universal access and a single true source of data. The Iris EHR gives you back control of your healthcare data and lets you decide who, when and where your data is being accessed.

Why Blockchain
Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the way we process, distribute, and engage with data, and IRIS is at the forefront of bringing Blockchain to the world of healthcare. The Iris EHR is unalterable, secure and decentralized, increasing security and significantly reducing the risk of data theft or manipulation.

LimeChain involvement
LimeChain acts as both Blockchain consultation and development partner for IRIS. We developed the architecture of the MVP.

Ethereum, IPFS, IPNS