About the client:
Healthbase aims to improve and advance medical and healthcare research and bring it to the next level. Their goal is to give researchers, care providers and patients easy and secure access to high-quality med data. Thus, achieve progress in the medical field and improve treatments, therapies, and results for the patients.

What was the problem:
There is not a single place to find health-related information. This makes medical data hard or even impossible to be found, therefore making it unnecessarily expensive. The information sources are not always trustworthy and result in low-quality treatments and therapies.

What was the solution:
We at LimeChain embraced Healthbase’s mission and quickly aligned some mutual goals. Our team acted as a Blockchain consultation and development partner for this project. We developed the technical part of the whitepaper, created the technical architecture and MVP.

Technology: Ethereum, IPFS, IPNS
Industry: Healthcare
Location: Germany