Expanding the NFT space with Universe XYZ

Last year, NFTs took the blockchain world by storm, generating huge demand and starting a serious conversation around the topics of digital assets and digital ownership. The appetite for non-fungible tokens sparked the emergence of many ambitious projects, whose goal was not only to continue the NFT revolution, but also to take the space to a whole new level through groundbreaking innovation. One such project was Universe.xyz.

Creating an NFT universe

The main goal of the Universe protocol is to provide an easy way for creating new NFT collections and building communities around them. That’s why the platform comes with a host of useful features, including a minting mechanism, social tools, content distribution channels and more. The platform utilizes a DAO-based governance model, underpinned by its proprietary token, XYZ. Universe runs on Ethereum and NFTs built with the protocol utilize ERC-721, which is the leading standard for creating non-fungible tokens.

LimeChain’s involvement

LimeChain has supported Universe from early on, helping to deliver some of the platform’s major milestones. Here’s what we’ve been doing as part of our collaboration with the Universe team.


Polymorphs is an innovative NFT collection that uses a novel morphing mechanism that enables users to change the appearance of their NFTs. Each Polymorph character comes with a set of traits that can be randomly changed to create new combinations for a small fee. You feel that your Polymorph needs some sprucing up? Well, ‘scramble’ its traits for some new swag!

Lobby Lobsters

We also built Lobby Lobsters, another NFT collection that utilizes a morphing mechanism. What’s notable about the Lobsters is that 100% of the funds raised through primary sales will be donated to lobbying efforts aimed at educating Washington lawmakers on the subject of blockchain and crypto. Meanwhile, proceeds from secondary sales will be donated to initiatives that seek to grow the Ethereum ecosystem.

NFT marketplace

We’re also currently working on an NFT marketplace for Universe. The marketplace will allow creators to easily mint NFTs and find buyers for their collections.

Exciting future ahead!

And that’s not all! The Universe platform is growing, with exciting features such as an NFT social network, auctions and blockchain gaming support already on the cards. All this shows Universe’s desire to be a driving force for innovation in the NFT space. At LimeChain, we’re especially proud that thanks to our ongoing collaboration with Universe, we have the opportunity to contribute to the evolution of this new and exciting ecosystem.