Аbout the client:
Mogul is an integrated film investment and production platform. From project selection, investment, to production – Mogul’s reach and impact extends to every touchpoint of the film production process. They act both a disruptor and a facilitator reshaping how movie-making can be more effective and empowering.

What was the problem:
The goal of Mogul Productions project is to democratize the process of movie production while upping the transparency and accountability of several scales. This is achieved through a combination of innovative crowdfunding methods and democratic film selection and voting mechanisms. The studio’s investment campaign is based on the concept of Continuous Organisation. Outside investors are able to get into the Mogul system by contributing to a Decentralised Autonomous Trust (DAT). DAT is a fair and transparent smart contract and requires no centralized party operation. All of this is based on a public blockchain thus ensuring the much-needed transparency and trustlessness in the process. In addition, this enables various new investors to participate actively in the movie-making process enabling the broader community to have its voice heard.

What was the solution:
LimeChain acts as a Blockchain consultation and development partner for this project. We created the technical architecture and developed the whole solution from scratch.

Technology: Ethereum, Bonding Curves, Continuous Organisation
Industry: Entertainment, Crowdfunding, Continuous Organisation
Location: Canada