Аbout the client:
SteelTrace is a blockchain based platform for all companies, from steel production to installer to end client, that enables traceability of steel quality via the first true digital certificate. The SteelTrace platform enables data storage in an unchangeable format, exchange of ownership of certificate instead of sending copies, traceable ownership to the original source and data storage so that machines can understand the content of the certificate.

What was the problem:
The project needed an experienced blockchain development team to create and implement the blockchain architecture of the project.

What was the solution:
Our team developed and configured the blockchain network. We added all of the needed services like the infrastructure and additional perks such as an explorer, which tracks the transactions and the option to monitor the nodes. Moreover, we developed the smart contracts and created services which made it easy to interact with the blockchain.

Technology: Permissioned POA Ethereum
Industry: Steel production
Location: Netherlands