The Common Ground and LimeChain seek to empower female entrepreneurs with the help of blockchain technology

The project

The rise of online shopping, especially in recent years, has given rise to a number of interesting new trends. One such trend is the emergence of platforms for smaller retailers specializing in handmade goods, vintage goods or antiques. But the model has its flaws and limitations. The Common ground is a new and exciting project in that space that seeks to address those by embracing blockchain technologies.

The Common Ground team certainly has ambitious goals. Chief among them is creating a space for female entrepreneurs and female-led businesses. A platform that supports and encourages inclusivity, empathy and care.

The Common Ground also seeks to address some of the most common challenges the online shopping industry is facing today, including high fees for customers, ensuring ethical sourcing and tracking provenance, combating bad actors and more. Another focus of the platform is making sure that any vendor operating on the platform is able to leverage cutting-edge technologies such as Web3. Finally, The Common Ground also seeks to enable users to easily form communities around businesses and encourage them to engage with their favorite vendors.

LimeChain’s involvement

After fleshing out their vision for the project, The Common Ground team quickly realized that blockchain technology was the perfect tool for implementing their ideas and achieving their goals. The next step was finding a capable Web3 developer to help harness the power of blockchain technology.

Enter LimeChain. As one of the leading companies for blockchain development in the world, LimeChain was perfectly qualified to help realize The Common Ground project. We worked with their internal team to finetune every detail of the project, identify and plan for potential complications. Our solution architects worked to create an optimal architecture for the platform, making sure that blockchain, backend and frontend worked perfectly together. We also devised the project’s tokenomics and created the platform’s native GROWCoin token, which was designed to serve as the primary means of exchange on the marketplace. Finally, our Web3 design team created the platform’s vibrant and colorful website using our proven internal design methodology.

Looking ahead

It’s still early days for The Common Ground, but the project is already showing a lot of promise and LimeChain is committed to help the platform thrive. We strongly believe in The Common Ground’s vision and their cause and we’re looking forward to continuing our fruitful collaboration with The Common Ground team.


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