Status: Building a true super dApp for the Ethereum ecosystem

For blockchain to become ubiquitous there needs to be a healthy ecosystem built around the technology, with applications and services designed with consumers in mind. This means building apps and platforms that can showcase blockchain’s unique capability and can provide convenient ways for consumers to use the technology. This is exactly what Status, a startup based in Zug, Switzerland, is trying to achieve.

Messaging apps

It’s not surprising that the Status team has looked to messaging apps for inspiration for its product. After all, messaging apps have become so ubiquitous that between WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Viber and the other major players in the space, the amount of messaging user accounts likely exceeds the total human population. And because nowadays people are so used to messaging services, building a messaging dApp (decentralized application) presentas a great way to lower the barrier to entry for consumers and get people familiar with blockchain’s unique strengths, such as top-notch cyber security, identity protection and censorship resistance.

But the Zug-based startup has gone even further by taking a page from ‘super apps’ like WeChat and Alipay that have been immensely popular in China and other regions across Asia. Like those apps, which bundle messaging, payment services, marketplaces and other services, Status is not just a messaging app. It’s a messaging service, a crypto wallet and a Web3 browser for Ethereum dApps rolled into one. A true super app for the Ethereum ecosystem.

Web3 course

LimeChain’s involvement

Realizing such an ambitious project requires significant effort and experienced developers capable of bringing the original vision to life. Being among the pioneers in the blockchain space, LimeChain was brought on to bolster the development effort. Our team supported the development of Status’ Discover feature, which provides access to a curated selection of useful and mobile-friendly Ethereum dApps. The team also integrated a ranking system with a voting mechanism based on an exponential bonding curve.

The result

Popularizing a novel technology is always a difficult task, but Status is on the right track. It smartly utilizes the familiar medium of messaging apps to get people explore and use blockchain technology in an unintimidating, user-friendly way. It offers a secure messaging service with focus on privacy; a crypto wallet that supports ETH, ERC-20 tokens, digital collectables and other Ethereum assets; and a powerful tool to discover the best dApps the Ethereum platform can offer.


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