Аbout the client:

Mycro provides a marketplace for job searchers and providers which aims to be amongst the top platforms in the industry. Mycro‘s success is significantly based on intuitive usability. The needs of job providers and job searchers must be satisfied in a fast and uncomplicated way. This happens by matching the right job offer with the right jobber. Only then do both parties achieve their goals. On one hand, a job is well done for the work provider and on the other – an exciting and profitable opportunity for the candidate.


What was the problem:

The hiring process can be a complicated and expensive one. Trust and security between both parties are not guaranteed. Moreover, the traditional process of hiring people usually consists of a number of intermediaries that usually increase the to up to 30% fee.


What was the solution:

With the help of Ethereum and smart contracts, Mycro created a trustless environment which enhances the communication between employers and candidates. The platform provides security for both sides while making it easy for them to find each other. The Blockchain technology helps Mycro to lower the hiring fee from up to 30% which is usually paid to the middleman to as little 2%.


Technology: Ethereum

Industry: Human Resources

Location: Germany