Аbout the client:
æternity is a new platform for decentralized apps launched in testnet in 2017. It is a new blockchain technology, designed to deliver unmatched efficiency, transparent governance and global scalability. The project focuses on increasing the scalability of smart contracts and DApps and accomplishes scaling by moving smart contracts off-chain. Instead of running on the blockchain, smart contracts on æternity run in private state channels between the parties involved in the contracts.

What was the problem:
Our work with æternity started in September 2018 and it started with the idea to support their dev team by working on the smart contracts development and æternity tutorials. The LimeChain team is also supporting the development of the developer’s tools.

What was the solution:
LimeChain is part of the dev-suite team whose goal is to drive the best possible developer experience thus attracting more developers into the æternity ecosystem and drive further adoption. The current scope of the dev-suite is ForgAE and Playground.

Technology: æternity
Industry: Blockchain
Location: Bulgaria