Mindzilla utilizes blockchain and AI to streamline knowledge discovery

We often say that information is the most valuable commodity, but we should take this statement with a grain of salt. Not all information is equal, especially when there is so much information noise and widespread misinformation in today’s age of ubiquitous online services and social media. The value of information depends primarily on two things – relevance and credibility. These two properties of information are the focus of Mindzilla, a London-based startup seeking to help people find relevant and credible information with the help of two of the most promising emerging technologies – artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.


Streamlining knowledge discovery

The abundance of ‘fake news’ and ‘alternative facts’ that can be found on the Internet these days clearly shows that there is a need for effective solutions for sifting through information noise and combating misinformation. The desire to create better knowledge discovery tools was what sparked the Mindzilla project and the UK company set out to streamline the knowledge discovery process

LimeChain’s joins the project

To help realize its vision, Mindzilla approached LimeChain, which had already built an impressive portfolio of successfully completed blockchain projects. The LimeChain team played an active role during the early stages of the project, working closely with Mindzilla to identify the best way to utilize blockchain technology. Then our team developed Mindzilla’s initial coin offering (ICO), as well as the blockchain architecture that supports Mindzilla’s unique approach that combines blockchain technology and AI.

Mindzilla’s approach involves the creation of a token called AIQ, which is stored in a decentralized database and managed by a smart contract. The AIQ token interacts with the AI system which issues token rewards based on the amount of contributed content. The AI system also works under the hood to ensure that the platform provides its users with relevant and accurate information.

Working on the next big thing?

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