Аbout the client:

DAOstack is an open-source software stack designed to support a global collaborative network. The stack can be used to build organizations for any kind of collective work, and it also contains tools to link these organizations together, so as the network grows, all its member organizations are strengthened.

Organizations built on DAOstack belong in a new category of a structure called DAOs: Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. DAOs are organizations that run on peer-to-peer software backbones and empower groups of people to make non-hierarchical decisions about shared resources, like funds. Those working on DAOstack believe these structures have the potential to change the world, by making collaboration radically more accessible, direct, and scalable.

Аbout the project:

LimeChain works with DAOStack on their Common project enabling users to invite their friends and work together to achieve a common goal. Common enables large groups of people to collaborate on shared agendas by pooling funds and collectively making decisions. The project is built in such a way to abstract the blockchain, crypto, and DAO complexities, providing a seamless user experience even for non-techies.


Technology: Ethereum, React Native
Industry: Blockchain
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel