Arxum aims to shatter barriers to DLT adoption with robust BaaS technology

The continued maturation of the blockchain space over the past few years have led to the discovery of many potential uses for distributed ledger technology. One thing that has become increasingly apparent is that blockchain protocols are perfectly suited to power robust enterprise-grade products that can have a tangible impact on various industries, transforming the way businesses store and share data, track the movement of products across complex supply chains, ensure product authenticity and more. To achieve widespread adoption on an enterprise level, however, blockchain technology needs to overcome several major challenges.

One such challenge stems from the fact that implementing blockchain technology from scratch typically requires a sizable initial investment. This is the problem that German company Arxum aims to solve.

Supply chain management innovation from Germany

Based in Kaiserslautern, Germany, the Arxum team consists of over 10 employees with significant expertise in the automotive, logistics and medical industries. The company’s co-founders, Dr. Markus Jostock and Jens Harig, brought in a wealth of experience in the areas of production IT and corporate IT.

Arxum had several ideas on how blockchain technology could be used to develop enterprise-grade solutions, with one of those ideas seeming especially promising. Arxum understood that the prospect of a complete blockchain overhaul could be somewhat intimidating to many businesses. For one, building a blockchain solution from scratch is a costly and time-consuming endeavor. Furthermore, replacing legacy systems that are deeply embedded in an organization and often outdated is a difficult, sometimes even insurmountable, task.

While examining this issue, Arxum quickly came to the realization that the blockchain-as-a-service model (BaaS) could provide the perfect solution to the problem. The idea was to create a middleware capable of bridging the gap between blockchain and legacy IT systems and removing the barrier to implementing blockchain in a business. After a careful consideration, Arxum turned to LimeChain to help bring their vision to life.

With over 80 projects under its belt, LimeChain has vast experience in assisting businesses through all stages of product development, including ideation, planning, proof of concept, implementation and post-launch support. It was this wealth of experience that allowed LimeChain to quickly get in sync with Arxum and help devise a plan for speedy and efficient development.

A productive collaboration

With LimeChain helming the development process and Arxum providing guidance, work on the project proceeded quickly. Using the EOSIO blockchain as an underlying technology, the LimeChain team was able to develop a ready-to-use blockchain infrastructure capable of connecting the diversified IT-systems between partner companies, suppliers and customers, as well as the various departments within large organisations. Furthermore, the joint team leveraged smart contracts to build three services that are readily available to use on the Arxum blockchain network. These services are:

  • Tracking – ensures global visibility on the whereabouts and states of items and products;
  • Transfer – ensures secure data exchange across company borders;
  • Tracing – provides information about product compositions or batch recipes;
  • Tokenizing – create a digital representation of physical assets, such as materials, CO2 footprints, machine hours, and share this information with supply chain partners.

It’s important to note that Arxum’s blockchain platform is designed to offer maximum flexibility in tackling various use cases. To that end, the services listed above are highly customizable which allows them to be tailored to the needs of different customers. Furthermore, new services can easily be built atop the platform to address the various challenges businesses face in their respective fields.

Having built the blockchain infrastructure, LimeChain also handles the platform’s integrations with legacy systems and develops dedicated solutions for the platform’s clients. While working on the project, the team has shown considerable flexibility and adaptability on a case-by-case basis and is capable of quickly shifting gears to reflect the evolving needs of the client.

The future

Arxum’s model seems poised for a bright future, as the appetite for BaaS solutions continues to grow globally. With its robust capabilities and reasonable license model, the company’s platform has the potential to lower the technological and financial barriers hindering blockchain’s adoption across the enterprise sector. Arxum is committed to achieving that lofty goal and in LimeChain they have a capable and supportive technology partner.

Technology: EOSIO
Industry: Supply chain management
Location: Germany

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