About the client:
Mindzilla is a knowledge network that intelligently prioritizes valuable information for its users. It is powered by Artificial Intelligence which ensures finding what users are looking for. The company’s aim is to connect the world’s knowledge. Thus, putting it within everyone’s reach while making the discovery process easier and more effective.

What was the problem:
The first problem Mindzilla is trying to solve is the mass misinformation. Data security and privacy challenges are also a motive for the company to pursue its goals.

What was the solution:
We worked closely with Mindzilla to identify the best way for them to utilize the Blockchain technology. Our team also developed their ICO and the blockchain architecture of the network. Currently, we’re further developing the project. Mindzilla utilizes a unique combination of AI and Blockchain technology, which enables the creation of a token (AIQ) that is stored in a decentralized database and managed by a Smart Contract. The AIQ token interacts with the AI system, which determines the value of tokens to be issued, based on the amount of contributed content and this AI-enabled determination of value. This way, everyone can have a voice and get acknowledged accordingly.

Technology: Ethereum
Industry: Science & Education
Location: London, UK