Аbout the client:
CanYa is an Australian blockchain company which provides an decentralised marketplace for freelancers called CanWork and a funding platform for open-source software – Bountysource. The CanWork platform is using its own native token (CAN) as well as an off-chain service which lets users search for services provided in the marketplace. The service providers can use this off-chain service to list their skills and services to the public.

What was the problem:
CanWork eliminates the uncertainty which most freelancers go through when dealing with a new client – if and when they are going to get paid for their work. Moreover, living in the digital age freelancers might want to get paid in a cryptocurrency instead of the local fiat currency, especially if they come from places like Venezuela or Zimbabwe. Clearing away all that mess is CanYa’s autonomous decentralized marketplace for the gig economy with cryptocurrency payments as standard, alongside fiat.

What was the solution:
The company wanted to ensure a wider blockchain adoption for its users. For that reason, they chose LimeChain team to integrated LimePay on CanWork platform. This integration makes it possible to accept fiat payments with their dapp. Our team also worked on the UI and the back-end.

Technology: Ethereum
Industry: Human Resources, Services
Location: Australia