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Our next endeavour is here — LimeAcademy

What’s next for the blockchain community in Bulgaria?

For the past 10 months, LimeChain evolved from a start-up led by its four co-founders to a pioneer in blockchain development and a leader in the region. Now, our team consists of 21 professionals, all of which are passionate about the projects they work on.

I’ve shared more than once that as someone with a marketing background, it truly amazes me the passion of my colleagues involved in the development of blockchain projects. Тhis can be seen in our monthly Ethereum Developers Meet-ups and I see it every time in the office when we hold our Knowledge sharing sessions. So we kept thinking what can we do to transcend this lime mentality, and the answer came quite naturally:

In October, just a month after we turn 1 year, we are launching our newest project — LimeAcademy! Our goal is ambitious as always — want to make LimeAcademy the go-to place for Blockchain education.

Why do we need LimeAcademy?

Being involved in various blockchain projects, we all recognize that the technology is conquering the world with organizationsns and governments implementing blockchain solutions in areas like road and transportation, education, energy and healthcare.

At the same time, we see a growing need for specialized blockchain education in our region and the high demand for blockchain developers. That is why we feel as our obligation to share the technical knowledge from the projects we’ve been working on the past year and launch LimeAcademy!

Application process

The first batch of LimeAcademy will be invite-only, which means the following:

We have selected five people, who are leaders in their field and will be called Master Nodes. Each of the Master Nodes will have the ability to invite two of the best developers, they believe have a chance to apply for LimeAcademy. Then the invited developers will generate two codes, which can be sent to another two of their best tech mates. The prospect candidates will have to fill in a form about their personal and technical experience. The next step would be to pass a Hacker Test. Top 15 candidates who have scored over 80% will be invited to the first batch of LimeAcademy.


  • Who is LimeAcademy for? — The Ethereum Developers course is aimed at IT specialists, who have at least a year of programming experience and are keen to switch to Ethereum blockchain.
  • Where will the programme take place? — The first batch of LimeAcademy will offer on-site education in Sofia, Bulgaria. Expect more information about the location soon.
  • What will the length of the programme be? — The course will continue for 2 months, starting in the beginning of October and will finish at the end of November. The classes will take place 2 times per week for 120 min.

If you want to be the first to know about LimeAcademy → Follow this link

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Margaret Dobreva
Chief of Brand and Community
Margaret is leading the marketing & communications department in LimeChain. She has been involved in creating and managing digital communications for the past five years, working with startups and corporations. Prior to joining our team, she was running an online community of 1000 blockchain professionals.