London, mate! – LimeChain is Launching a UK Office


London is well known for being one of the leading financial, fin-tech and trade hubs of the World.

When we founded LimeChain less than a couple of years ago we made the hard decision to build a company that specializes in Blockchain & DLT technologies. At that time the industry was just starting up and a lot of the initiatives we know well now were yet to be launched or in the very early stage. It was an unpopular move. However, we made that bold (or crazy) decision with one goal in mind – to be part of the Blockchain revolution and contribute as much as possible to it.

Now, a year and eight months later we have helped more than 20 companies, big and small, all over the globe, make the most of the Blockchain technology and with that improve their business, introduce new business models or kick-start a whole new niche. Along with that, we were staying on track with our commitment to progress not only businesses but the community as well – that is why we launched Etherlime – Ethereum development and deployment framework based on ethers.js. In our close work with Blockchain companies, we saw the hurdles they face with onboarding new users and this is how LimePay was born.

So at that point, you may ask “What’s next for LimeChain?” Well, now it’s time to bring LimeChain to the next level:

I’m really excited to share with you that LimeChain is opening an office in London.

Why London?

London is well known for being one of the leading financial, fin-tech and trade hubs of the World. These happen to be several key areas where Blockchain helps excel and improve, so it makes total sense that our next operations to be exactly in The City. LimeChain has a lot of knowledge to share and having in one place most innovative companies in various sectors creates a synergy that is hard to achieve any place else.

Being in the right place is pretty important, however, what we learned from our business experience is that even more important are the right people.

The second big announcement we have is that our long-time partner Marc Smith has joined us as Director of LimeChain UK. Marc has been involved with Lime from early days, sharing his experience and know-how. We are happy to have Marc onboard officially as part of LimeChain family.

“I’m very excited to build upon the success of LimeChain and expand our presence into the UK.

As a major global financial hub and an emerging leader in blockchain technologies and the crypto economy, the UK presents excellent growth opportunities for the company.”

Marc Smith, Director, LimeChain UK

It’s a new chapter for LimeChain and we are extremely excited about what the future holds! Make sure to stay tuned with the latest updates around LimeChain UK, the events we will be at and the activities we plan.

If you happen to be in or around The City make sure to drop us a line!