LimeChain aims to enable millions of developers to build blockchains with two Polkadot tools supported by Web3 Foundation Grants


The end goal is to deliver tooling for developers, that enables them to build runtimes in AssemblyScript – a language similar to TypeScript / JavaScript, essentially enabling the millions of JavaScript developers to build blockchains.

LimeChain is super excited to announce that we are doubling down on our efforts to enable developer ecosystems in the blockchain and DLT space. Web3 Foundation is supporting LimeChain with two grants to develop AssemblyScript tooling for the Polkadot network. Polkadot is a scalable sharded chain and the first protocol that provides a secure environment for cross-chain composability across multiple shards. Applications from DeFi to energy to gaming will thrive on Polkadot, challenging the centralized platforms of Web 2.0.

What we’re building

AssemblyScript SCALE Codec Implementation

SCALE is a lightweight codec for binary serialization and deserialization used in Substrate/Polkadot. The goal of the project is to deliver an AssemblyScript Codec library. Anyone building in AssemblyScript on Polkadot/Substrate will benefit and use the library as this is the standard way for Polkadot Hosts and runtimes to communicate.

Code Repository –

AssemblyScript PoC Runtime

Polkadot has the ability to load, swap, or upgrade its blockchain features by having a decoupled design. The two main components are the Polkadot Host and the supplied Wasm code that is executed in the Polkadot Runtime Environment using a Wasm Interpreter.

At this time, the most mature way of generating runtimes is using Rust and Parity-built tools.

Currently, we are building a Proof of Concept runtime in AssemblyScript, starting with an Account-Based runtime. The end goal is to deliver a framework for building AssemblyScript runtimes.

Having a framework for AssemblyScript runtime development will benefit the community by providing developers with the opportunity to build runtimes in a language similar to JavaScript/TypeScript, which most blockchain developers are familiar with.

Our Motivation

LimeChain is extremely passionate about enabling developer ecosystems to create more success stories using blockchain and DLTs. Our CTO, Christian Vesselinov shared his thoughts about Polkadot and the potential of the network:

“Polkadot and Substrate are two very, very promising projects, not only because of their features but because of the approach with which they’ve been built as well. The people behind the projects – some of the smartest engineers and researchers in the industry – have pushed the envelope of blockchain and DLTs time and time again. They started with developing a framework (Substrate) that could enable the rapid development of DLTs, and from there continued with building Polkadot, which brings unique cross-chain composability. At LimeChain, we’re very passionate about developer experience and tooling, all in the context of enabling engineers to build faster and better. We are thrilled to be part of the Polkadot ecosystem.“

About LimeChain

LimeChain is a leading blockchain & DLT solutions company pioneering the adoption of DLTs globally. Since 2017, LimeChain has worked with leading startups and Fortune 500 companies to bring tangible business results using blockchain. The team has worked on 70+ development and consulting projects on both public and private networks, with use cases including supply chain tracking, ERP integrations, asset tokenization, decentralized applications, and developer tooling for some of the top blockchain protocols out there. For more information email us at [email protected]