LimeChain partners with R3 to build blockchain solutions on Corda


Open source blockchain for enterprise

We are happy to announce that LimeChain expands it’s service portfolio and enters into a partnership with R3 – an enterprise software company working with a broad ecosystem of 200+ members to develop on its’ platform, Corda.

Corda is a distributed ledger technology (DLT) project which is open-source and empowers partners to build and operate blockchain applications, aiming to be used by financial establishments. The platform is designed to record, manage, and synchronize smart contracts and other shared data between trading partners and to meet the complex requirements of the world’s largest financial institutions.

Data consistency is one of the core features of DLT and is crucial to the problem that Corda is attempting to solve. A distributed ledger could eliminate the need for reconciliation, whether it is done by the interacting parties themselves or a third-party.

As a Corda Certified R3 technology partner, our goal is to use the technology provided by Corda and further improve the quality of blockchain management for our clients in the financial and insurance industries.