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LimeAcademy jointly with Telerik Academy presents to you: Ethereum Developers Master Class

LimeAcademy is a training initiative of LimeChain and together with the leader in IT education for up-skillers and re-skillers, Telerik Academy, we bring to you the most comprehensive on-site ethereum development master class in Bulgaria. This class will equip you with the tools you need to excel in your blockchain career. And have fun doing it. Ready for the challenge?

Course overview

The in-person program will provide you with advanced knowledge on Ethereum blockchain by dividing the course into three stages: beginner, intermediate and expert. The duration of the course is 2 months with classes occurring 2 days per week.

Curriculum and Timeline

  • Sept 17 — Sept 25 Get invited and take an online test
    Sept 25 — Oct 1 Final ranking by organizers
    Oct 1 Successful candidates are notified
    Oct 1 — Oct 5 Confirm participation and pay a commitment fee
    Oct 9 Program starts
    Nov 22 Final lecture
    Dec 1 — Dec 2Workshops

The course consists of 7 different topics taught throughout 7 weeks:


  • Week 1: Intro to Blockchain. Intro to Ethereum. Intro to Solidity.
    Week 2: Real smart contract development, testing, and deployment
    Week 3: dApps development


  • Week 4: Module Wrap up and off-chain storage
    Week 5: Tokens
    Week 6: Crowdsales
    Week 7: Upgradeability and more


  • One-weekend workshop


For the pilot version of the master class, admission is invite-only. We have partnered with community leaders and influencers to select the first-ever masters-to-be to join the program. If you are not among the first invited but still think that you can be a valuable participant in the class, click here and let us know why.

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