Innovation Behind the Hype – Real-life Blockchain Projects – Vol. 2


Following our previous article about practical Blockchain & DLT solutions, here is part 2. In this series, we’ve decided to spare some time and pay the necessary attention to those that have been working hard on projects which solve real-life challenges. Below are a few examples of real-life blockchain projects that use decentralized technologies, and why the technology behind them matters. This edition is focused on projects related to the supply chain:

Real-life blockchain projects

Carrefour & Nestle – supply chain for infants’ products

In our previous article on Real-life Blockchain Projects, we mentioned that Walmart is using Hyperledger Fabric to track mangos and pork. The retail giants Carrefour and Nestle are doing something similar but for milk-based formula for infants. They ensure transparency of the entire supply chain of the milk-based formulas produced by Laboratoires Guigoz, thus, increasing customers’ trust in their products.

This is not the first time Carrefour is using Blockchain for their operations. Earlier this year, they introduced a Carrefour Quality Line for a number of products, including oranges, chicken, tomatoes, eggs and micro-filtered full-fat milk. After providing increased traceability of their products, Carrefour reported a massive increase in sales and trust by their customers.

Walmart Canada – production blockchain solution for industrial application

We did mention Walmart in our previous article with regards to the Blockchain-based supply chain solutions they have, however, they continue to explore and test the possibilities of this new technology. Now they are aiming to automate a variety of activities related to delivery logistics. Available on both mobile and web, their solution allows collaboration and information sharing with 70 third-party trucking companies that transport inventory for Walmart Canada. What the solution does essentially is tracking deliveries and verifying transactions. It also automates payments and reconciliation between Walmart Canada and its third-party carriers. They deliver inventory to over 400 retail stores across Canada annually.

More information can be found in the official announcement from 14 November 2019.

ReCheck – products’ digital twin & documents managing

ReCheck is a Blockchain-native company that is building solutions related to supply chain and documents exchange on the Blockchain. Their product for the creation of the digital identity of goods allows companies to prove the origin of their products, while customers are able to easily see the supply chain history of an item by simply scanning the tag on the product. What ReCheck does is actually creating a digital twin of the product, which allows users to make sure they spend their money on authentic products from trustworthy producers. Apart from that, they are building a SaaS for document tracking and exchange, which allows fast and cheap document flow, paperless documents and digital proofs, guaranteed privacy in sharing data and on top of all that it is pluggable to other systems.

Lamborghini – a shared ledger for tracking each car’s service history

The Italian manufacturer of luxurious cars has recently announced that they are working on a Blockchain-based platform to store information about the service history of each car. They are working on the supply chain management solution together with SalesForce. By introducing this solution, Lamborghini would optimize processes related to a long chain of verification operations during the sales process. For example, one car needs to pass through about 1000 certifications prior to being sold, in order to ensure brand equity. All of those details would be stored and managed on an immutable ledger among all participants involved in the supply chain, including technicians, repair houses, dealers, auction houses, and even photographers. The Blockchain-based solution would provide easy access to the service history of every car produced by Lamborghini. By having a shared distributed ledger to store all this information, each manufactured car will have transparent, immutable service records, restorations details, details for prior ownership, and the entire set of essential verification documents.

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