Etherlime — October Status Update

In this status update, we will share the progress of Etherlime in the past month. Will also add our plan for the next 30 days.

What has happened?

Ethers 4 & solc 0.4.25 by default

Ethers 4 has been brought by RicMoo. We always strive to be up to date with the latest ethers has to offer. The upgrade required a bit of changes on etherlime (mainly in terms of deployment and logs).

We’ve also updated the solc version coming with etherlime (you are not bound to it) to 0.4.25.

Code coverage & permissions issues

The recent introduction of etherlime coverage based on solidity-coveragelibrary has introduced new permissions issues to the windows OS users. We had to do a fork of sol-cov to fix them. Tough thing to debug though…

Little steps go a long way

We’ve added tons of small goodies along the way. Mainly to help with unit testing and documentation

  • The CLI documentation has separate pages for different commands
  • Augmenting of the assert with the assert.revert method for testing reverts of transactions
  • Parsing logs of the new ethers4 transactions using the utils.parseLogsmethod
  • Addition of the --output param to almost all CLI commands allowing you to disable the logs. Also, this will be used for future integration with tools like Composite

CLI Coverage Progress

Our CLI code coverage is slowly creeping up. At the moment we have ~40% code coverage on the CLI (and 100% on the API). With the etherlime initand etherlime ganache being the first commands to reach 100%.

What we plan to happen?

CLI Coverage Progress

Our main goal is to drive the CLI test coverage to 100% so that we can safely put bounties and ask the community to contribute more. We expect this to go at the higher extremities, targeting > 80% until the next update. Next commands in line are  etherlime deploy  and  etherlime compile.

Composite integration

We will work on the structure  --output in order to allow integrations with tools like the Composite IDE.


Thanks to our main contributors during this month:

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